Solar Panel Experts in Geraldton

Today, the worldwide demand for solar energy is greater than supply. It is one of the fastest growing forms of renewable energy and Australia has the largest amount of sunlight arriving each day to convert into electricity. 

We have installed many solar products in the Geraldton area, rest assured we know what we are doing and always provide the highest quality service possible.  Solar power is also one of the most reliable sources of electricity generation, powering your home without the use of air or water, and without producing greenhouse gas emissions, noise or vibrations. Setting the stage for an environmentally sustainable future for generations to come.
Installing a Solar Power Kit is not only a reliable source of electricity generation, it can also deliver acceptable returns on your investment over time. Unlike most fossil fuels, it has no fuel price fluctuations which can greatly reduce or eliminate your electricity bill. A correctly sized and configured system can deliver high reliability while providing a long term fixed price of electricity supply. These systems can be easily installed anywhere there is sunlight and directly where the power will be used. As a result, this limits the expense of and energy losses associated with transmission and distribution from large scale electricity plants.
Solar panels on a Geraldton home

Grid Connect Solar systems

In the last year we have done over ninety solar installs on properties in and around Geraldton. Give us a call as we can design, supply and install a quality solar system for you.

Stand Alone Solar Systems

Ray is accreditated with the Clean Energy Council, and has qualifications in the design and installation in Stand Alone Solar Systems. No matter the size you require, he can design the system to suit your needs.


Solar Credits Scheme
The  Solar Credits Scheme helps to reduce the initial purchase price of your system for residential, business and multiple property owners. It is NOT means tested and therefore open to all Australians.
Each installed system is eligible for a different number of renewable energy certificates (RECs) depending on the location and size of the system. You can receive 5 times the number of RECs for solar systems up to 1.5kW. Greatly reducing the upfront cost of your solar power system.
Feed in tariffs.
Most retailers will discount this value from the total cost of the solar power system you choose.
In addition to the Solar Credits Scheme, feed-in tariffs will increase the value of the energy your Flexi Kit feeds back into the electricity grid. Feed-in tariffs vary between States, but many of them pay a premium for electricity fed into the grid. Check with us to understand how feed-in tariffs can reduce the cost of your electricity bills for years to come.
one of our solar systems in Geraldton